Events at
In our Club Room.....
Tea and Talk - Occasional Sunday evenings - Our own Phyllis Rosenthal spoke
about the Civil War!  Painting lessons by Branca!
Sponsored by CHAC. If you know of someone who could be a "Tea and Talk" speaker, contact
Do you live at The Cryder House?  We now have a "robocall" system (a Florida number will appear on
your callerID) for important messages.  Make sure the office has the phone number on which you
want to receive these messages.  The office may also send e-mail messages, so, make sure the office
has the e-mail address at which you want to receive them.  We are trying to eliminate the use of so
much paper.
Duplicate Bridge - Wednesday Evenings at 7:15 - Contact Alice Wetschler (via
the doorman) if you plan to play.  New shareholders welcome!
Canasta and Scrabble - Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 in the Club Room
Mah Jongg  - Monday Evenings at 7:30 in the Club Room
Exercise classes - Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Chair Yoga - Wednesday mornings.
Pool Aerobics - Tuesday and Thursdays during Pool Season
The Club Room is available to shareholders for cards, etc. afternoons and evenings.
We also have an in-house  Book Club, Yiddish Club, Walkers Club (8:30 AM  M-F), and Newsletter.  
Our Board of Directors for 2016- 2017 is as follows:

P. Lorenzo, President; K. Roche, Vice President and Secretary; J. Leif, Treasurer; H. Latterman,
Asst. Secretary
C. Pappas; M. Boynarski; M. Kantrowitz

Standing Committees:
Infrastructure/Waterfront:   C. Pappas,
 M. Boynarski, Chair; H. Latterman
Insurance:  M. Kantrowitz, Chair
Shareholder Selection:  P. Lorenzo, Chair; J. Leif, K. Roche, M. Boynarski, alternate; H. Latterman, alternate;
Pool:  H. Latterman, Chair; M. Kantrowitz
Garden:  P. Lorenzo, Chair
House:  J. Leif, Chair; H. Latterman
Library: M
. Boynarski, Chair  
Real Estate Marketing:  J. Leif, P. Lorenzo

from the
Cryder House Board of Directors
Fitness Center
Our newly expanded fitness center is open 24/7.
Obtain the key from the doorman access after hours.

You can now exercise with a view of the East River, Long
Island Sound, Throgs Neck Bridge and sunrise or sunset if
you choose!
            CHAC - Cryder House Activities Committee

Sunday, May 22, 2016 - Wine and Cheese Party - A most pleasant late afternoon
get-together to welcome back our snowbirds and to prepare for the pool season!

July 4th Celebration -  Dinner and Dancing on the Pool Deck!! was a great success!  
Many shareholders enjoyed the outdoor celebration!

Defensive Driving Course - August 20, 2016 - 30 shareholders participated - an Annual

Bingo - at the pool and in the Club Room

CryderFlix - Sunday Evenings at 7:30 PM - sponsored by CHAC

Any suggestions for trips or activities?  Leave a note with the doorman, Attention:  CHAC
CHAC is looking for suggestions for movies for Cryder Flix.  Leave a note with the doorman for
Dorene Steinmarc.

CHAC is self supporting.  If you enjoy our events and movies and want CHAC to continue to present
them, please bring a donation with you.
Annual Election Open Shareholders
- An Open Shareholders Meeting was held on
June 9, 2016  in the Club Room for the election of three
members of the Board of Directors.  M. Boynarski, M.
Kantrowitz, and H. Latterman were elected to our Board of
Directors for 3-year terms. Our Board, our Comptroller, our
Accountant, and our Lawyer were there and discussed the
budget and other shareholder and Cryder House issues,
ongoing and future projects, and  Cryder House
happenings.  The meeting was well attended.
The Cryder House Library, Our library is located on the basement level, across the hall from
the Management Office.  It is available to everyone and open 24/7 (except when used for Board
Meetings).  We have a wide assortment of titles:  best sellers and classics, biographies of the great
and near great, cookbooks, books on history psychology, music, etc.  We also have some books in
large print.  You are sure to find something of interest!  Donations of books which are current and in
good shape are gladly accepted.  (Fiction and non-fiction published before 2008 are not good
Look for the Board of Directors and
the link to our newsletter, "In the
House," near the bottom of this page.
The Cryder House Pool Club

The Cryder House Pool Club
has closed for the season.

he Cryder House Pool Club
will open May, 2017
Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend

Link to:  
Pool Rules 2016
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A spectacular view as you drive up to our circle and front entrance and view our SCULPTURE  with
the Throgs Neck Bridge and East River behind it!
Bathroom renovations on the club room, gym, library, garage, office, and pool level have been
completed.  Our new Water Tower has been installed and tested.  Our gym expansion is almost
completed.  Our recarpeting project is under way.  Local Law 11 Safety work began on August 1 and
will continue for approximately 8 weeks.
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