Riviera, Veranda, and More Restaurants to Try Near Whitestone, NYC


Discovering the best restaurants in Queens is made easy when you don’t have to go far. Here are three restaurants to try this fall near The Cryder House in Whitestone, New York.

Riviera Ristorante

Address:17-12 Utopia Pkwy., Whitestone, NY

Step into the warmth of Riviera Ristorante, a gem near Whitestone, where authentic Italian cuisine meets intimate ambiance. This fall, let their homemade pasta and exquisite wine list transport you to the coast of Italy. Perfect for cozy dinners or special occasions, Riviera Ristorante is an essential culinary stop. Learn more about Riviera Ristorante in Whitestone.

Veranda Restaurant & Cafe

Address: 208-01 Northern Blvd., Bayside, NY

Veranda Restaurant & Cafe is a fusion of modern dining and timeless elegance. This autumn, enjoy their diverse menu, from succulent steaks to fresh seafood, all while soaking in the stunning city views from their inviting terrace. It’s an ideal spot for a serene, flavorful retreat amidst the autumn chill. Learn more about Veranda Restaurant and Cafe in Bayside.

Trattoria 35

Address: 213-15 35th Ave., Bayside, NY

Experience the comfort of traditional Italian fare at Trattoria 35 this fall. Their extensive menu, featuring classics like Veal Parmigiana and Tiramisu, promises something for everyone. The warm, family-friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect setting for a hearty meal as the leaves turn in Queens. Learn more about Trattoria 35 in Bayside.

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