3 Places to Walk This Spring Near The Cryder House


As the days grow longer and the temperature gently rises, residents of The Cryder House are perfectly positioned to enjoy some of the best walking spots Queens has to offer. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a nature lover, or just someone looking to enjoy a leisurely stroll, these three local gems provide the perfect backdrop for your springtime walks. So lace up your sneakers, grab a water bottle, and let’s explore the scenic routes just a stone’s throw from your doorstep!

1. Fort Totten Park

Only a short drive from The Cryder House, Fort Totten Park is a historical treasure that doubles as a serene walking spot. With stunning views of the Long Island Sound, the park offers well-maintained paths that are ideal for both brisk walkers and leisurely strollers. The historical buildings scattered throughout the park provide a unique backdrop, making your walk both educational and refreshing. The diverse wildlife and lush greenery will make you feel miles away from the city buzz, offering a peaceful retreat into nature.

2. Little Bay Park

Adjacent to Fort Totten, Little Bay Park offers an expansive view of the Throgs Neck Bridge, adding a picturesque industrial touch to its natural beauty. The walking paths here are perfect for those who want to combine exercise with spectacular water views. This spot is particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset when the sky’s colors reflect off the water. It’s also a fantastic place for bird watching, so if you’re a budding ornithologist, don’t forget your binoculars!

3. Alley Pond Park

For a truly immersive nature experience, head over to Alley Pond Park, the second-largest public park in Queens. Its diverse landscapes, including wetlands, meadows, and woodlands, provide a habitat for abundant wildlife and make it a delightful spot for nature walks. The park’s numerous trails cater to all levels of walkers, from those looking for a casual stroll to adventurers ready to explore the more rugged terrains. The Alley Pond Environmental Center also offers educational programs that might pique your interest if you’re keen to learn more about the local ecosystem.

These three spots near The Cryder House not only promise fresh air and beautiful scenery but also a chance to step away from the daily grind and reconnect with nature. Walking is not just good for the body; it’s refreshing for the mind, and with these beautiful locations so close to home, you have every reason to make the most of this spring season. Happy walking!


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