Apartment Gardener: Your Friendly Guide to Perfect Houseplants


Turning your apartment into a cozy, green nook is easier than you think! Even if you’re not exactly the best at remembering to take care of houseplants (we’re not judging!), there are some amazing plants out there just waiting to be your new green buddies. Let’s meet three of the best houseplants that are more than happy to fit into your apartment living lifestyle.

Meet the Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Space-Saver and Low-Key: The snake plant is like that low-maintenance friend we all love. It grows up rather than out, so it won’t cramp your style or your space. This tough cookie doesn’t need much from you—just a drink when you remember (which isn’t very often) and it’s all good.

Shady Character: Not a fan of bright, sunny spots? Neither is the snake plant. It’s totally cool with dimmer, cozy corners of your apartment and, bonus, it’s a bit of an air purifier, getting rid of nasties like formaldehyde. Pretty and practical!

Say Hello to Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Chill and Graceful: Pothos is that easygoing vine that’s perfect for plant parents who might not have their watering schedule down to a science. It’s not fussy about light and can hang out in various spots around your home, making everything look effortlessly beautiful with its cascading leaves.

Flexible Friend: Whether you’ve got a tiny shelf or a whole wall that needs greening, pothos can make itself right at home. It’s also a bit of an air-cleaning hero, which is always a plus!

Get to Know the ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

Thrives on Neglect: Seriously, the ZZ plant will be your best friend if you’re the forgetful type. It’s totally fine with you skipping the water for…a while. It’s also a fan of the low-light life, making it perfect for that not-so-sunny spot.

Compact and Cute: With its neat, upright growth, the ZZ plant won’t take over your living space. It’s easy to care for, doesn’t attract pests, and brings a bit of sleek, modern greenery to your indoor jungle.

Adding these friendly plants to your apartment is like inviting a little bit of nature inside. The snake plant, pothos, and ZZ plant aren’t just nice to look at; they’re super easy to get along with, making them the perfect pals for your apartment gardening adventures.

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